With its highly-qualified staff, to help individuals, families, institutions, and the society as a whole to reach the desired living quality at local, national, and international levels. To this end, to offer its outcomes form research, training, and service for the welfare of the society and to educate qualified personnel who:

· Are knowledgeable in the managemenet and development of human and material resources within the family, an can provide solutions to related problems,

· Contribute to the planning, control, evaluation, and productivity of resources in order to reach institutional aims,

· Enlighten consumers about rational consumer behaviors, their potential problems and possible solutions, and inform producers of consumer preferences.


· To reach world standards in spheres of instruction and scientific productions,
· To contribute to interdisciplinary research in national and international areas
· To help improve the living standards of society,
· To become a frequently-demanded and to maintain its leadership in the fields of "Family Life Education", "Consumer Education and Protection" , and "Housekeeping"