The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, which was established in 1968, carries out its educational activities with the academic staff consisting of 7 Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 2 Assistant Professors and 3 Research Assistants. The department offers the students Bachelor, Master's and Ph.D. degree programmes.

With the purpose of helping to ensure that individuals, families, institutions and, consequently, the society reach the quality of life that is desired at the local, national and international level with the highly-qualified teaching staff in their fields, the mission of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences is to raise qualified personnel who;

Know how to manage and develop the human and material sources that individuals and families have, and create solutions for the problems related to the subject,
Contribute to the planning, controlling, assessing and increasing the efficiency of the sources for institutions to achieve their aims,
Enlighten the consumers about rational consumer behaviours, problems, and solutions, and transmit consumer preferences to producers
and to offer it’s works and activities in the fields of research, education, and service to the benefit of the society. The graduates of the Family and Consumer Sciences Bachelor’s Programme can work in various public and private institutions and organizations that carry out activities to increase the quality of life of individuals and families, provide adult education, carry out works on the active protection and education of consumers, and aim to create a healthy and efficient environment, in the fields of family life education, consumer education and protection, physical environment and management.