Fields of Carreer

Duty, Authorization, and Responsibilities

Graduates work in all public institutions and organizations (the Ministry of Customs and Trade, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, etc.):

-  of which subject area is to increase the life quality of individuals and families,
- which provide adult education,
- carry out works aimed at the active protection and education of consumers,
-  aim to create a healthy and efficient environment.

 Job Descriptions

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences performs the following duties depending on its study area in order to make the living conditions healthier, safer, more organised and satisfactory, and to increase the welfare considering the existing sources and the change of physical, economic and psychosocial needs of individuals, families, and institutions at the local, national and universal level.

Conducting studies and developing projects on family structure, family values, family relations, family health, family decisions, the use of human and material sources such as money, time, energy, etc.

· Arranging different spaces in houses and institutions according to their purpose of use and health conditions, and making them more convenient using the available means,

· Conducting studies that increase the contribution of families to energy saving,

· Making the environmental conditions of houses and institutions more suitable with the available opportunities,

· Conducting studies that increase the contribution of institutions and families to environmental protection,

· Identifying the ways and methods for the selection, maintenance, use and protection of the tools, equipment, and materials used at home in accordance with the needs and available resources of families, and making suggestions to families,

· Conducting studies that are necessary to arrange and use the tools, equipment and furniture used at home, and storage areas in accordance with anthropometric measurements,

· Conducting studies on personnel management, arrangement, maintenance and protection of the physical environment, and work study, preparing curricula and ensuring that they are implemented in order to increase the efficiency of house management services in institutions,

· Conducting studies intended for determining the living patterns and needs of families in order to provide a basis for building healthy, strong and economical buildings that fit the social and economic features and needs of families,

· Conducting studies to identify the user needs and preferences with regard to the consumption goods and services that are available in the market or planned to be produced in the future, to identify the most economical ways of purchasing, selection, maintenance and use, to contribute to the transfer of the results obtained to consumers and producers,

· Conducting studies intended for helping the home and family life problems of the families living abroad or returnee families,

· Informing and raising awareness among the families living in urban and rural areas with regard to healthy behaviours and healthy living conditions,

· Taking part in the planning and implementation process of the studies aiming the employment of women,

· Preparing, implementing and checking the programmes on the family and consumer publication studies, which will play a leading role in the development of the living conditions of families living both in urban and rural areas,

· By taking part in the preparation of the publications on consumer education, training and informing the consumers, and assessing consumer complaints,

· Preparing and ensuring the implementation of the adaptive rehabilitation programmes for the disabled and elderly to the activities regarding the home and family,

· Planning and organizing houses for the elderly and disabled to live independently in their houses,

· Investigating the home and family life problems of refugee families and women, and contributing to their adaptation to the society.